One thing leads to another…and another…

The first time I wrote a blog was in 2005 on Xanga. I started writing again in 2012 but kept that one pretty private to the people who knew me. I was dealing with a crisis at that time and didn’t want to hurt anyone…especially those who were a part of it. I wrote pretty regularly for a year and then started working on a book. Today I have two finished books that have moved through¬†the editing stage and are now ready to move into the publishing stage. The titles? Glad you asked. The first one is Breaking Through to Higher Places: Nine Keys to Successful Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough and the second one is Diary of a Warrior Princess: Advancing from Victim to Victor. I was joking around with my husband a few weeks ago and said, “What do I write about now?”

Recently I have been feeling that itch to blog again in hopes of improving¬†my writing skills and perhaps another book would be born from it. I put my site together, paid for it for a year and …nothing, complete writers block…until today!

I clean houses for a living so I do a lot of thinking while I clean. I’ve been deeply burdened by some things I have been seeing and hearing lately and have been rolling it around in my mind. I’ll write about that in my next blog. But in the process of my thinking, the Lord gave me a little nugget to think about to go with my thoughts.

I came home and started looking up life stages of a tree and before I knew what was happening, I saw a new book developing and not only that book but several others that will follow. God gave me a theme and I could write about it in several books until the day I die. I am so excited because I didn’t know how many books I had in me left or if I would even write again. It all started with a question that lead me from one thing to another and then another.