Watching My Children Having Children. Part Two: Beckie and Ryan

Beckie is my third┬áborn and has always been a mommy’s girl so when she and Ryan made the decision to not have anyone in the room when she gave birth…I was bummed. Very supportive but very bummed. There was one exception though and that was if Beckie needed her mommy, then mommy could come in. Beckie pretty much made it clear that she would probably need me. So there was this little spark of hope living inside of me.

I really did want to honor them though and I did understand how awesome birth was and how special it would be for them to do it together. When I gave birth to my four, there was a party in the room going on for each birth.  So this was going to be new for me.

Well the day came and the Nethaway and Ulricksen clan all headed to the hospital. And once again the father to be was sick (See part one: Noah and Tiffany). We were all allowed in until time for the birthing process. For the third time in my life, I became and accidental birth coach because Ryan was so sick. We ended up finding out that he had ulcers afterwards. Poor thing. I felt so bad for him.

Beckie and I began doing the breathing exercises together. After a while things were not progressing like they should and they began to prepare her for a c-section. Everything was moving fast and I was just so lost in the whole situation. I walked to the waiting room trying very hard to hold back my tears. I was both scared and disappointed. My daughter was about to be cut up and I wasn’t going to get to see my grandson be born.

As we were all sitting in the waiting room and everyone trying to console me, I received a text. “Mommy, are you ok?” Here she was getting ready to go into operation room and she was worried about me. I’ll never forget that as long as I live. Of coarse the tears I was trying to hold back came out like a flood then.

Kayson Ryan Ulricksen came into the world…PERFECT and mommy was doing great. The nurses let us all go into the room where they had him. Mom’s, Dad’s, Aunt’s and Uncles all taking turns looking at this beautiful baby boy who was only a few hours old. I was so shocked they let us see him before his mommy did but I sure wasn’t complaining.

Because Ryan was sick and had to go to the Dr,I got to spend the night in the hospital with Beckie and Kayson. I don’t think I slept much but I didn’t mind. I loved every moment!!!

Beckie recently gave birth to another beautiful boy named William. I got to help with the coaching this time as well. It was such and honor. She had to have another c-section again and I didn’t get to see him be born but I was more prepared. This time though she requested that no one see the baby before she did.

In a few weeks I will be welcoming my newest granddaughter into the world. Watching my children having children is by far the most exciting and rewarding experience I have ever had and I have two children who haven’t even started yet……