The Job I didn’t ask for

The job I didn’t ask for became the biggest blessing in my life. If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would be cleaning houses for a living, I would have laughed in your face. I hate cleaning my own house. Why in the world would I clean other’s houses? Although in the past, I have always enjoyed cleaning other people’s houses…but as a career…naaaaaa.

Four years ago my neighbor opened up a Thrift Store and could no longer help a women she had been helping who was recovering from breast cancer. I had told my neighbor if she needed any help, I was looking for something to do. It’s very hard to get a job in a small town.

One day my neighbor called me over and asked if I would be interested in helping the woman she had been helping. I said sure and my unsolicited career in house cleaning began. After a month or two Julie (not her real name) recommended me to her cousin-in-law Susie (not her real name). Susie then recommended me to Jennifer (nhrn). Julie’s husband recommened me to the neighbors down the street who in turn recommended me to the couple around the corner and you guessed they recommended me to another couple who then recommended me to the neighbors on their street. Ha ha are you still following me?

Wednesday of this week I went to Julie’s house to clean for my last time. It was so hard telling her that this was my last time to clean her house. We are planning on moving back to the Tracy Ca. area to be closer to our church and children. Ok really to be closer to my grandchildren who are babies. Shhhh don’t tell my kids that. All my clients were notified a few months ago that as soon as we found a house we would be moving. I was planning on switching job careers but was trying to hold out for the move.

Every time I came to clean they would all ask if we found a house yet and when I would say, “no”. They would give a sigh of relief and say, “Good”. Have I told you yet how much I loved my clients? Unfortunately some physical issues have made it very hard for me to keep cleaning.  A few weeks ago my husband told me I should quit. He was seeing the pain I would be in after cleaning for 4 hours but I told him I couldn’t leave my clients. But lately the pain has moved into my arms which are a house-cleaners biggest tools.  On Tuesday night in tears, I told my husband I thought he was right and it was time for me to quit.We decided to let my body heal until we move and then I can look for a non physical job.

After seeing Julie’s face and the awkwardness of saying good-bye, I decided I needed to call all my clients instead of waiting. I wanted to give them time to roll it around in their heads before they saw me for the last time and I didn’t wan’t them to find out through the grapevine.

It was the hardest thing I had to do and after I hung up with the last one, I balled my eyes out. I have been so blessed and honored to work for these awesome, dear, wonderful people. They were all so supportive and just poured their love on me. They made me feel like family! I wasn’t just the cleaning lady but they let me be their friend too.

I will miss all our conversations, interactions, and sharing of pictures and life stories. I will miss blasting my music as I went around cleaning from room to room. Ha ha I’m sure they won’t miss that part. I mean who let’s you blast your music in THEIR house? I will miss Pebbles, Miss C and Sadie, Branson and Shasta my four footed dog friends who kept me company while I worked. And will surely miss the feeling of being loved and appreciated every time I stepped into each of their homes..crying as I write this. The last thing in the world I wanted to do brought me the most joy in my life and was one the greatest blessings God has given me. I will never forget my beautiful clients and will be able to keep in touch with most of them at their request!

Blessings do come in disguise. You just need to be open to see where they will lead you.