21 Day Fast: Day Six

After many months in Luke, I  am finally saying hello to John. Reading Luke very slow was very enlightening this time. Saw some things I never saw before. Nothing highly profound just some little nuggets: nuggets piled upon nuggets. I might have to go back and read it as a whole now. We’ll see.

So my last day in Luke I was touched by the stories of the two men on the Emmaus Road after Jesus’ resurrection. After talking for a while and with their hearts burning inside, Jesus breaks bread with them, their eyes were opened and they see Him.

Have you ever had those feelings deep inside that something was about to happen? We say things like …”I just have this gut feeling” or “somethings telling me….” And then all of a sudden your eyes are open and you “see” Jesus in the situation. He was there the whole time having a conversation with you, whispering…guiding…loving.

Interesting how long He let them go on before He opened their eyes. But even so, they had this sense that there was something about Him and the way He opened up the scriptures to Him.

When they first encountered Him, all they talked about was what had happened totally missing what was happening now. I think sometimes that’s us: we live in the past missing what is happening in the present, missing opportunities that Jesus wants to show us now.

Later Jesus shows up to the disciples and  He opened their minds to understand the scriptures. He was getting ready to do something really big and He told them to stay in the city until they were clothed with power from on high.

They had to first understand the Word so that they would do what was to come next. My prayer is that God would open our eyes to see Him and open our mind to understand Him and then we will do what He says so He can get us to where we need to be to be clothed with the power of God to accomplish the work of God.

Day five was one meal for the day. Still enjoying the hunger pangs as they remind me why I am doing this fast. Had a great time in my extended time of worship, even tho my dogs were distracting the heck out of me. And of course, loving the things the Lord is showing me in His word. Blessings!