Hinkley Got Adopted!


Today my prayers were answered….Hinkley found her forever home! Today was not an ordinary daimg_20191002_185313-1y. Everything about it felt like a miracle was taking place. I think it was actually taking place all week for me. You see all week up until that moment, I had already started missing her. I knew the day was coming when I would have to say goodbye and for some reason all week long, I seemed to be practicing with my tears. Every time I left the shelter, I would say good-bye to her and tell her I loved her and that I was so proud of her. Getting adopted was the best thing in the world to happen to her and it was my greatest desire but it also meant I would never see her again, never get kisses, no more hugs and no more walks together. I would talk about her to my husband and daughter-in-law and tears would flow. It was almost as if I knew she was leaving.

The day of her adoption, I got there around 3:45 and saw another volunteer who loved Hinkley too and we decided to take Hinkley together on a hike up the hill so she could run and roll around in the grass but halfway up she was looking pretty tired and it was hot, so we decided to go back down the hill. Meanwhile another volunteer was showing a family of four a dog and all of a sudden she thought of Hinkley and started asking around trying to locate Hinkley. I keep thinking if we hadn’t walked back down the hill when we did, Hinkley might have missed her opportunity.

I brought Hinkley inside the main shelter area and put her back in her kennel. As I rounded the corner to get another dog to walk, the volunteer who was looking for Hinkley said to me, “Is Hinkley good with kids?” Hinkley had met my two grandchildren and a boy at the park when I took her out for a doggie day out and seemed to like the kids. She also allowed the boys mom to come over and pet her. So I said, ” I think so.” She also told me the woman was looking for a mellow dog and THAT I could say for sure, she was!

Stacey took the woman and her three kids down to the play yard, and I went back to get Hinkley. I stopped one of the staff to ask her to check Hinkley’s file to see if there was anything behavior issues the family needed to know. I knew there wouldn’t be but I had to go through the motions of doing everything right. True to my thoughts the only thing listed about Hinkley was her shyness and they would need to have a consult about how to help Hinkley adjust. To read about our first encounter.  Funny thing was just two days ago I went to a class to become a matchmaker. (Matching dogs to potential adopters)Who would have thought my first attempt would be with my Hinkley. Stacey could have done the meet but she was gracious enough to let me

I then headed down to the play yard for introductions. We always ask that potential adopters let the dogs come to them when the dog is ready.  I opened the gate and took Hinkley in and much to my great surprise, Hinkley went right up to the kids waiting for them to pet her. My eyes filled up with tears. I was watching my little girl growing up and ready to have her forever family. When they said, “We want her!”, my tears couldn’t help but start falling. My sweet sweet Hinkley was going to get her forever home. The truth of the matter was they didn’t choose her; she chose them. 

The family then headed to the office to start the adoption procedures. While they were doing that, me and my hiking partner that day Cindy and I headed to the blue bench in front of the shelter to take goodbye pics.



It was about 7:15 when I look through the main office door and saw the family with Hinkley on leash headed out the door. I had a dog with me and I took her back to the kennel and just hoped I made it in time to say one last good-bye. They were loading her up in the car and I went over to say thank you again and to take a final pic of my baby leaving.


She looked so right! This was her family now. She was my baby until she became somebody else’s.

I headed back inside the shelter and grabbed me another dog to walk. I headed outside and as I was walking down the sidewalk, I turned around to see the car leaving and Hinkley was watching me watching her go. I will never forget that moment. It is forever etched in my memories. Happy life sweet baby girl!