Foster Day 20: Loving Spencer

I really wish someone would come along and adopt this precious boy. He deserves to be 100% with his humans and not separated like I have to do now. He’s is the sweetest, most loving dog, loyal dog. He loves walks and gets so excited when we go. I wish he could find a human that would like to walk as well and had the time to do it. I wish for him to find someone who wouldn’t mind letting him come up on the bed to snuggle and nap with.

I wish he would find a person who would take him on rides and to the park and I bet Spence would love to hike. I just wish my sweet boy could find his forever home and as hard as it will be for me to give him up, it will also be a day of rejoicing because I wish for him more then what I am giving him now. Darn tears!!!!!!

I can’t believe it’s almost been 3 weeks since this precious boy came home with me. Every day I see him settling in and learning that it’s ok to relax and not have a ball or tug toy to play with, although settling would not be his first choice. I have to keep remembering that he is still very much a puppy and wants to play like a puppy.

He has turned into quite a lap dog but hasn’t quite got the full concept of laying peacefully in my lap. He wants to lavish me with kisses and then wants to play. My favorite moments are when he just lays on the floor and sleeps because then I know he is feeling content. It was so hard for him in the shelter to ever feel those quiet restful moments. At night or when I leave the house, I leave on soft music for him as they do at the shelter.

I really wish we could mix him in with our dogs so he could really feel like he is part of the family. I think he would get along with my youngest boxer. My older would show interest but pretty much stay away. She doesn’t like other dogs to get aggressive with her and Spence can be snarky when another dog gets in his space. Jewels wouldn’t care. She has a very submissive temperament…well until the mailman, fed ex guy, ups guy, prime person, etc comes in our yard…ah but that’s another story.

Spence is becoming both an inside and outside dog. He seems content outside laying on his rug and basking in the sun. In the morning I leave him out there after breakfast to do his business and just get some good old vitamin D. I will step out to play some ball or frisbee with him and just give him some loving. As soon as the shade dissipates I bring him inside to hang out with me. On days when my grandkids aren’t here I take him for a walk so he can do his 2nd poop. There is always a second hahahahah.

On school days my grandson stays in the office to do his virtual school until two or lunch time. Spence has shown a little interest in him when he comes out to get help or has to use the restroom. I think he would like my grandkids but because he has tugging issues, he just can’t be placed in a home with kids as he could accidently bite as he was trying to grab his toy. My granddaughter is usually napping when he’s inside. My grandkids don’t even play with my dogs.

We are still working on the tugging. Spence has a tendency to think everything is a tug toy and doesn’t like to give it up. Sometimes I can simply say leave it and he will drop but other times I have to say it a couple of times, like when he thought the sprinkler was tug worthy. We almost have “down”, down. Today I had to touch his front leg and move it forward but he finally went down. Sometimes at night when he gets the zoomies, I have to hold in in a down position so he is learning that way as well. I think that dog would let me do anything to him except grab his cute cheeks!!

I notice that Spencer really does want to please his humans. When he has had an accident in the house and I have said, “Spence that’s bad” he will tuck his tail and move back. He has had one accident this week in the basement and none in his kennel or upstairs. I think in the basement it’s hard cause he can’t tell me he has to go. Inside the house he has this look he gives me and he kind of backs up so I have been taking him out immediately to teach him that if he looks at me like that, he will get to go potty. He never fails me.

We took the ball out of the house at night for the most part but last night I let him have it and he didn’t bug me to throw it. He contently chewed it on the floor. He just loves to chew things and fortunately has only chewed one of my pillows. Except for the pillow, he has done very well at not destroying household things. He loves the chew bones. I accidently left one in his kennel one night and at 1 am I heard him on the camera chewing it. He usually sleeps right through the night and has gotten accommodated to the sounds above him in the early morning hours as hubby gets ready for work. There are times he doesn’t like to be crated and will bark but it’s less then two minutes and he will settle down and go to sleep. He really is a human contact dog. He wants to be with us all the time and sometimes will bark when I leave him to play in the basement unkenneled but it only lasts a few seconds or so before he finds something to do or naps.. He loves loves loves when I come down and hang out with him there on my days off or when hubby works late.

He was ignoring my neighbors dogs for the longest time. My neighbors dog is a bit of a bully. Always in pounce position and ready to attack. I think he is barrier reactive. My boxer is the same way but she doesn’t attack, she just wants to play but his dog has bit her neck a couple of times so now we don’t leave them out together. I keep Spence on a yard leash so there is no physical contact but he started running up and down the yard with the neighbors dog this morning. I just brought him in early. He has been very patient and tolerant with the other dog. I’ve noticed it’s mostly if I am out there with him. I think he’s just trying to protect me. He is very loyal to me.

To know Spencer is to love him!

Spencer is 2 years old and has been at the Shelter since June 2020. He came in as a stray. He needs to have multiple meet and greets with potential adopters, in a home with no children and if adopters have other dogs there must be a meet and greet between dogs. He is well worth the investment. You can read more of his details and see his amazing video at