Foster Day 36:Spencer Meets the Neighbors

A few nights ago Spencer got to meet several neighbors in the neighborhood. It just happened we were walking him with my Jewels and there was a guy standing outside smoking a cigarette. Spence went right up to him and was very friendly. He had his muzzle on as we are trying to integrate him more with our dog family. He did bark at Jewels when they got close but my girl is a very submissive girl and she just backed away heeding his space warning. Our plan is to keep walking them together to get him used to her and hopefully he will accept her and then others.

The following day we took Spence out with a muzzle and my Jewels but this time to the park. I was so pleasantly pleased as he walked next to her, behind her, bumped into her and at one point looked like he gave her a little kiss. I was so proud of him. Gave me hope of him being integrated with another dog if someone is willing to go slow. There was absolutely no sign of aggression and seemed to be some acceptance.

Other neighbors came out and we had a sidewalk party hahahahaha. Spence did very well with the group of people. I told them all to not try and pet him but to let him come up to them. He allowed for pets and only showed some fear with one lady and she gave him room. My Jewels was in heaven. She loves people and is friendly with everyone!! First time I met so many neighbors at once and I think it was really good for Spencer. He did so good and no treats were involved.

A few days ago Spencer had another milestone. For days he has been trying to engage my 6 year old grandson in play but I told Liam no only because of Spencer’s toy possessiveness. He has been coming up to my grandson and sniffing him and has allowed pets for a couple of weeks now. While Liam and I were sitting there talking Spencer went up to Liam and dropped his ball, sat down and waited for Liam to pick it up and throw. I told my grandson he could try and to move slowly to the ball but if Spence moved, he could not pick the ball up. Spence just sat there patiently waiting. Liam threw the ball and Spence brought it back to him. Liam told him to drop it (took three times) and he dropped the ball. Liam told him to sit and stay, picked up the ball and threw it again. It was so amazing to watch them together. People! Spence listened and obeyed a 6 year old!!!!!

Spence’s 2nd greet went pretty much like a stressed out dog’s meet and greet. Spence hates the shelter and immediately started pacing once inside the yard kennel. We are rethinking dog to dogs and planning to do the next one across from the shelter in the field. I had to keep Spencer from being outside when my neighbor’s dog is outside. He used to just ignore him but last week started running the fence with the neighbor dog. He stays on a very long yard leash that doesn’t allow him to go to fence. Spencer just got tired of that dog goading him. So now I have a text relationship with my neighbor to keep them separated. I already have to keep my girls away from him as well and he and Jewels would run the fence but he would stand up on fence and Jewels would meet him and he punctured her neck twice. Fortunately my neighbor is willing to work with me.

Yesterday I discovered that Spencer likes bubbles. I had crappy bubbles so gonna buy some new ones for the next bubble play time. I sure love this little boy!!!

Spencer is 2 years old and has been at the Shelter since June 2020. He came in as a stray. He needs to have multiple meet and greets with potential adopters, in a home with no children. He’s not mean to them but he likes tug of war and doesn’t like to give his toy up. If adopters have other dogs there must be a meet and greet between dogs. He is well worth the investment. You can read more of his details and see his amazing video at

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