Every year our pastor asks us to ask God for a word for the new year. Last year God gave me the word THRIVE. And boy did I have to live up to that word. Some of those times were great and others were so painful. The hardest thing was letting go of a dream and the best was publishing my book.

So today as pastor was asking us once again to seek the Lord for a word for 2017, I closed my eyes and said, “Ok, Lord what is my new word for the new year?” As I was praying I could see a word being spelled out (in cursive even) d-e-s-t-i... immediately I said, ” No! That can’t be right. It has to be a verb like thrive….an action word. So I asked again and again I see d-e-s-t-i-n……….So I’m thinking ok this isn’t working. Destiny cannot possibly be the word He is giving me. Then I heard the Lord speak to my heart, “Diane, just STOP and receive the word I want to give you: DESTINY. This is your word for the year and you will understand more later.

I had to laugh later cause that is so me thinking it had to be a certain type of word when I know God is so creative. I even just blogged about the creativity of God.

The dictionary defines destiny as the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future. The scripture that best fits this is Jeremiah 29:11 (Amplified Bible)”For I know the plans and thoughts that I have for you,’ says the Lord, ‘plans for peace and well-being and not for disaster to give you a future and a hope.

God has given this word to me for THIS YEAR! Not next year and not last year. I have waited years to figure out what my destiny is. I gone back and read and reread all His promises and the biggest thing that stood out was I am an encourager.

I have been and always will be what God has gifted me to be. I have done almost everything in ministry except Men’s Ministry and the finances. I’ve taught, I’ve lead worship, I’ve organized other ministries and events, I’ve started new things, I’ve sang, I’ve preached, I’ve babysat, I’ve lead bible studies, hosted bible studies and small groups and fund raised. I’ve pastored, mentored, evangelized, mobilized and energized. I’ve been church secretary, ran sound, ran media, and set up and torn down. I’ve painted, fed the less fortunate, cleaned the church carpet, decorated, etc…
In all these things I’ve done done done. I’ve led led led.

Today I had a revelation. As I sat in our church staff meeting, the Lord showed me that He is not asking me to jump in and be superwoman anymore but to use my gifts of encouragement, faith, wisdom and prophecy to help encourage other super women! So already God has begin to show me what 2017 will look like. DESTINY!