Watching My Children Having Children: Noah and Tiffany, Part One

I have 13 beautiful grandchildren! Until 2013 I had never been there for any of the births. Not for lack of invitation but lack of circumstances making it possible for me to go. I remember once when my step-daughter Shirley invited me but I couldn’t go and I cried when Greg left without me.

But in October of 2013 that was about to change. My 2nd born Noah and his wife were having a baby and not only was I invited to be there, my son made it very clear that I HAD TO BE THERE! I remember the day Tiff went into Labor. Moms, sisters, brothers and dads were all at the hospital. We filled up the whole waiting room.

During the early part of labor I asked Tiff if she and Noah had taken any classes and did any breathing exercises. The answer was no since she was getting an epidural. An alarm went off in my head and I got on Youtube and started looking up breathing exercises for birth. I had a friend go through labor many years ago and expected to get the epidural and because she had back problems, they wouldn’t give it to her and I accidentally became her birth coach. At that time I remembered my breathing exercises and was able to help her. I didn’t think I was ever going to have full use of my hand though as she would never let go of it. I couldn’t even leave her to use the restroom. It was like I became a part of her body.

Back to Tiff……..So here I am thinking should I start telling her some breathing exercises just in case? Well I didn’t want to come off as the bossy mother-in-law so I kept silent until………………………………they couldn’t find the anesthesiologist and birth pains were getting harder. My son was sick sitting in a chair and there I was thinking, “Ok,darn it I can’t just stand here and watch her be in pain.” So we started breathing together. It seemed to be helping and she was a great student.

The anesthesiologist finally arrived and she got her epidural. Whew! Until……………… started wearing off on one side and the anesthesiologist was nowhere to be found again. This was harder. I jumped back in and we started breathing again together. I can remember at times getting so light headed but I couldn’t leave her. I was blowing right in her face and was so worried my breath might be killing her but when I asked she told me to stay in her face so I guess it wasn’t that bad hahaha.

There were times I had to turn my head away so she wouldn’t see my tears. It killed me to see her in so much pain. At one point I think I asked someone to take over and I ran into the bathroom and cried my eyes out. Got myself pulled together again and went back inside and continued once again to be an accidental birthing coach.

After many hours of labor and an epidural now working, (and a very happy mommy to be who was telling the anesthesiologist how much she loved him haha) we knew Mr Liam was not coming that night and all us girls laid on the floor and tried to sleep. It was a labor and delivery slumber party. I think there were about 6 of us sleeping on the floor. The nurses were so amazing by letting us stay there.

Liam didn’t decide to make his entry until 7:30 the following night. I had to jump back in before delivery with some more breathing and wet washcloths. Poor Noah was so sick. Tiffany was just so cute. Right before he came out she was apologizing to everyone for her behavior. We were all laughing. I love that girl!!!

And after a long time of pushing (an getting a little nervous) Liam came into the world. I cried! It was the most beautiful moment of my life other then when I was giving birth to my own children.

My son just became a daddy. We all left letting daddy and mommy be alone with their little bundle of joy. I wanted to hold him sooo bad but I knew my time would come so I left. At 1:00 in the morning I got call to come to the hospital and give Tiff some time to rest and shower. I didn’t see it til 3:00 am but called the hospital as soon as I did. I am not a morning person and I hate driving in the dark especially in the country but that morning………..I was wide awake. It took me 45 minutes to get there but it was so worth it. There I was holding this beautiful baby boy for the first time and it was just me and him all alone. And I cried again.

Next time: Ryan and Beckie