Saying Good-bye

This weekend is our last weekend at our church and our pastor is having Greg and I preach the last message together. In May of 2015 we started our ministry by sharing our testimony and this weekend we will be leaving parting words from our heart.

The following is our very first message. It’s a story about God’s wonder-working power of forgiveness. My husband NEVER¬†¬†demanded forgiveness but his repentant and remorseful heart allowed for it to come in a way he never saw coming.

We should never hold a person hostage by unforgiveness but at the same time, the one being forgiven needs to be careful of thinking they are entitled to it. Forgiveness is a process: it takes time and it takes work. When a remorseful and repentant person receives forgiveness, it changes their life. Remorse and repentance go hand in hand. When a person is repentant, they make restitution and they quit doing the sin that entangled them in the first place. Remorse is a deep sorrow and regret that recognizes first how they have hurt God and then how they have hurt others.

The forgiving person when forgiving keeps themselves from being stuck, bitter and angry. When I chose to forgive my husband, I was allowing God to do whatever He wanted to do in my life and I was not about to miss out because I knew He had so much more for me.

So if you’ve never heard our testimony listen to the following. I will post our parting words on Monday.