Why Diets have not been a “Lifestyle Change” For Me!

If you look up Diets on Google a ton of different diets show up and for the most part all of the ones I have tried are on that list except for Weigh Down. I have been successful on each one if you count the weight loss. But changing my lifestyle never happened.

Why? Because I couldn’t wait to go back to eating all the food I was denied, especially the desserts. I did attempt to do the maintenance plans for each but for some reason when I quit eating “their food”, I started gaining. Then in frustration, I would throw my hands up and go back to all my old eating habits. Sugar…sugar and more sugar.

I tried using that mentality that it was a lifestyle change because if I convinced myself of that, I would go to goal knowing I wasn’t going to gain again or so I thought! I have great discipline while dieting but once I reach goal, game over.

I would jump back on the diets but once I did it and reached a small goal and then gained again, it held no interest for me. I lacked the same excitement I had at the beginning. I think because I knew I did it, I conquered it, but it didn’t stick so subconsciously I was probably going to repeat my failure again. Now I never repeated the diet with that attitude in front of me. I always went in with a positive attitude but deep down I have become a professional diet yo yoer! Just keeping it real here.

Now I know we are trained to think that this is a lifestyle change because it really is speaking life into our situations but for me it is just a cycle repeated over and over again and I find I am a slave to the products that are being sold rather than to just eating real everyday food the right way.

To be perfectly honest, I am sick of counting points, measuring my food, eating other companies products, drinking nasty tasting shakes, eating bars that either want to make me gag or on the other hand make me want to eat more, drop down windows telling me which foods I can substitute, eating sugar substitutes that I am finding out later a really bad for you etc……. I have suffered from horrible stomach pains that lead me to the ER, gas, bloating, hair falling out, leg cramps, migraines, memory loss, horrible embarrassing sounds coming from my stomach, nausea and stinky breath. There’s prolly more but I can’t remember. <wink>


Today the only measuring I am doing is when I am cooking from a menu. Yes, I am trying something new again but I don’t feel this is just a diet. I’m following a couple of guidelines but everything I do is using real food right from the grocery store minus sugar. I am adding some natural nutrients I have never tried before but I don’t have to if I don’t want to and it’s an added benefit, not a required one. I actually love Stevia now!

For the first time, I don’t feel enslaved to a diet plan or diet food. I’m not counting calories or carbs and eating fake food resembling real food. If I fall, four hours later I know I can jump right back on.

Now I am not dissing diets altogether. I’m dissing them for me hahahahahah. I know people who are successful after they have reached goal and are still doing thier plans with great success, not many but there are a few out there. And I applaud their efforts as they will most likely help another person along through example.

I also know that what works for one doesn’t always work for another. This whole blog is about MY journey not someone else’s and I’m just sharing with anyone who happens to stumble across it and likes reading what I write and to keep me accountable and recognizing all the good things that are happening to my body as well as weight loss.

Blessings from a trim and healthy mama wanna be!

The Things Diets Have TaughtMe!

So in my last blog, I shared how a little bit of every diet philosophy I’ve been on has now come together in this new healthy plan I am following.

One thing I learned that has always stayed with me but not been followed faithfully is to eat till you are satisfied, not till you are full. I hate that feeling of being full. Seriously if you think about it, if you eat till satisfied, you’ll actually be hungry for your next meal and not eating for comfort or pain. I learned to let my stomach tell me when it was hungry. Today I am eating every three to four hours but it’s usually my tummy that is saying when it wants to eat. I don’t find myself watching the clock until the next meal!

The second thing I learned was to eat the best parts first. An example: if you have a cinnamon roll everyone knows the center is the best part, right? But we usually save it for last. If we eat it first, then if we’re not hungry we’re not still stuffing to get to the center. We can stop when we feel satisfied.

I’m a weird eater….but I know there of some of you out there that will relate so don’t even laugh at me. I eat around my plate. In other words, I start with one food group, finish it and move on to the next. Eating this way gives us the mindset even if we are full, that we need to eat everything on our plate. Most of what I am eating now is combo foods that you eat all together and guess what… I don’t always finish it all!!! This is incredibly freeing to me.

The third thing I have learned that a great meal can be lean and green. You don’t have to have potatoes or rice to round off a meal. A meal can be truly satisfying with a nice chunk of protein, a veggie and a luscious fat! Real butter people, not that crappy margarine stuff!!

Now potatoes and rice aren’t bad, sweet potatoes and brown rice are better for you, but you don’t have to mix them with fats just a nice protein, veggie and carb and you can still lose weight and feel good. We don’t have to learn to hate food! Well except for sugar and dietary sugars. Sugar is poison for me but in its pure form like Stevia, I feel more in control. Oh and the things they are finding out that the “diet” sugars do to you, well let’s just say I wanna keep my mind.

The fourth thing I have learned is not to believe everything you read. For example, once I read that the first two bites of anything are where and when you get the best flavor. I talked myself into believing that for the sake of the diet I was on. But then I put it to the test…I don’t know about you but when I eat something that tastes good, every bite is full of the best flavor hahahahaha. That’s probably not the best thing to remember but it’s how I roll.

I haven’t had sugar for three weeks now. I’m not drinking diet soda anymore. I drink water or tea. I carry liquid stevia with me. Oh and yesterday I brought my own dressing when I went out to eat cause I don’t want to go back to that horrible sugar addiction I had.  Alcohol to an alcoholic is what sugar is to me. I sat at a meeting a week ago with desserts galore on the table in front of me and I didn’t even want to indulge. All I kept thinking was I have stevia now and I can go home and make something that tastes amazing and be healthy for me.

I’m sure I’ve picked up a few other things that I can’t remember at the moment but the things I’ve mentioned are the ones that stand out. I’m enjoying the learning process as I try new recipes and how some of the ingredients are actually helping my body! I’m wondering as I put wonderful things into my body if it will help with the symptoms of fibromyalgia that I suffer from every day. Wouldn’t that be something? One can certainly pray, hope and dream!!!